The Pahbor occupation of earth has been beaten back. A miricle in its self, mankind estimated to have been decimated to 40 percent of its former numbers. Most dwelling in the slave cities working to maintain equipment or harvest resources. Others however formed the resistance reuniting mankind and moving to the stars to persue their once captors. A feat that should never have been accomplished. However with the Pahbor Empire loosing grasp on its outlying territories, and with the aid of their new ally, sworn enemy of the pahbor; the rabbits Humanity has made leaps foward to thwart their enemies on all fronts.

It is the birth of the United Earth federation and the Human empire. Lord commander Daniel has lead in the second half of the year 2075 a expeditionary force through the Pahbor’s jumpgate to establish a foothold and prevent the pahbor from ever thretening Earth again. There is a great deal of space to cover, but for this purpose the Sparrow class Light-Cruiser was created. The UES Mozart has been given its orders to subdue any threat, secure any resource, and form ties that will benefit the United Earth Federation.

(maptools) Orange Badlands